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Our two cheif Chefs ZAKIR AND BIKAS brings the most relishing, aromatic, and exotic tastes of Mughlai cuisine onto the tables of Mumbai Darbar. Having skilled in culinary schools, the third generation chefs blends themselves into the world renowned Kitchens of Mumbai Durbar.
Talib and Siddiq overlooks preparation of a range of dishes every morning using myriad spices and his experienced & vibrant culinary skills.
Our dishes are delicious due to the unique recipes and methods of slow cooking used by our chefs.
With strong focus and commitment towards quality, exceptional service and warm hospitality, the Mumbai Durbar employs a team of highly skilled & experienced chefs to produce authentic and tasty food who come from those regions and supported by a strong management team at TAG Heuer Monaco Replica different levels to ensure the standard. Due emphasis is laid on quality, service & hygiene.
Sana'a Baghdad St. Near to Yali Institute.
Tel      : 01446487
Fax      : 01 506498
Email :
To remove onion odour from your hands, rub your hands with lemon or vinegar first  and then wash them with soap and water.
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