We are the leading Indian restaurant in Yemen that is highly popular because of its exotic spices, delicate herbs with vegetables or meat. We have a wide menu list that includes delish dishes like AATISH -E-TANDOORI, MURG-BAHAR, GOSH -E - BAHAR,GOSH -E - BAHAR, VEGETABLES-E-TANDOORI,ROTI KA KHAZANA, Beverages, Ice Creams and more. Our tasty meals are appreciated by clients for their amazing flavor and spice. Moreover, our dishes are available at most affordable rates.

You don't have to leave town to give your taste buds a vacation -- just go to Mumbai Durbar Indian Restaurant

Despite the extensive menu, Mumbai Durbar seems to be the kind of rare place where, if you like Indian food, you can't go wrong.

To deliver value through delicious food & quality services to customers.
To follow fair and transparent business practices that benefit our customers,employees, suppliers and other stakeholders in our ecosystem
To be recognized as the preferred destination for Indian Cuisine throughout the world.

It all started when Yusuff Suhale and Matheen Ahmed used to have Arabic food, as there were no Indain restaurants, after playing Cricket. These two were bored of having the same arabic food daily and planned to start a restaurant of Indian taste.

This gave rise to Mumbai Durbar Indian Restaurant in, August 15, 2005.
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